Discovering Small Saga Charming Guidebook

Small Saga. Remember those cool guidebooks that used to come with video games? They were like hidden treasures that gave you all sorts of tips and tricks about the game world. Nowadays, finding one feels like stumbling upon a rare gem meant only for die-hard collectors. Small Saga, this awesome indie RPG, took me back to that nostalgic joy with its accompanying guidebook. It’s not just any guide—it’s like a mini-travel book that makes you fall even more in love with the animal-filled world it introduces.

Excitement for Small Saga

I’ve been eagerly following Small Saga’s development for over a year. So, when it finally dropped on November 16th, I jumped at the chance to grab it. Instead of settling for the basic $19.99 edition, I went all-in for the deluxe edition at $26.99 on Why? Well, it included not only the game but also the soundtrack and a PDF of the game’s guide.

More Than Just a Guide

This guidebook isn’t your typical “how-to” manual. Nope, it’s titled “A Travelling Mouse’s Guide to the Kingdom of Rodentia.” Picture this: it’s like a guidebook a traveler might read before exploring a new country. It dishes out the best places to grab a drink, where to crash for the night, and even the preferred mode of transportation. It’s all presented in a way that makes you want to linger longer in Rodentia.

The Charm of In-World Guidance

What makes this guide impressive is its ability to be useful without sucking the fun out of discovery. It doesn’t handhold you through the entire game; instead, it presents intriguing attractions and local customs. For instance, it talks about a local bar, the Twisted Tails, admitting it’s not the poshest joint, but it might just give you a genuine Muridan pub experience. It’s these little snippets that make you curious to explore beyond the main storyline.

Art That Breathes Life

Adding to its charm are the illustrations scattered across its nearly 30 pages, all by Ash S. They provide a fresh perspective on how the residents of Rodentia see their world. It’s a playful contrast to the game’s pixelated design, bursting with life and a sense of adventure that feels more like a holiday than a serious fantasy quest. You could easily imagine any in-game character having a copy of this guidebook tucked away.

Not a Must, But Essential

Let’s be real here—the guide isn’t necessary to complete Small Saga. It doesn’t hold your hand through the game. But through its delightful art and clever writing, it feels like a must-have companion to fully immerse yourself in the game’s spectacular world. I, for one, wouldn’t dare explore Rodentia without my trusty copy.

In a nutshell, Small Saga’s guidebook is a rare gem that adds a layer of depth and charm to the game experience. It’s not just a mundane guide; it’s an invitation to dive deeper into the whimsical world of Rodentia.

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